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Ampersand Is Love


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This LJ community is dedicated solely to the ampersand. If you do not know what the great and almighty ampersand is, then here is a picture of one:

(hint: it's right in the middle)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Disclaimer: A&P is a chain of grocery stores and does not belong to us. We are using this logo only for reference purposes. Please don't sue.


Anyway. As you can clearly see, the ampersand is extremely important to society. It holds words together like glue. Ampersand glue. Mmmmm, tasty. XD

YOU MUST ONLY DISCUSS AMPERSANDS IN THIS COMMUNITY. Of course, anything ampersand related is acceptable. This doesn't mean you get to make posts completely comprised of ampersands. That's just silly. o___O

Play nice; no blood on the carpet. This is my house, so follow my rules. If you want to whore out your comm, it damn well better have something to do with ampersands, or I will delete you.

That's about it...

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!